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How did you get started with fitness modeling?

Growing up, I’ve always had a passion for being physical and active, and therefore channelled my energy into ways which would benefit me. I started out playing competitive football and training on the field and for me it went hand in hand with lifting weights in the gym. Training in the gym has truly changed my life, and I always look to branch my skills and talents into new things I haven’t experienced before, which ultimately lead me to fitness modeling. From fashion show runways to competing with the best in the fitness industry, my confidence and abilities have grown exponentially and today the drive is more alive than ever before.

Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation comes from the changes I see people making in their own lives, just by watching my videos. The feedback I receive is the most amazing feeling and keeps me driven when I know I have the ability to make a difference in peoples lives. I now take it as a responsibility and continue to motivate people, because that’s what motivates me.

What workout routine has worked best for you?

High Intensity Training has worked very well. Low rest period to keep the heart rate elevated, therefore burning more fat. I do lots of sets in a short period of time, and every one to two times per week I will include weight vest circuits, into my routine, to really burn the fat off.

If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

Dips: They stimulate your chest, shoulders, triceps and even back stabilizer muscles.
Pullups: They primarily work your back, arms, and shoulders.
Squats: They work your legs and core.

With those three exercises, every muscle in the human body is being recruited.

What do your off season and contest prep diets consist of?

There is no such thing as an off season. Fitness is a lifestyle for me day in and day out. I always consume the same foods at different macro-nutrient breakdowns.

Meal 1:6 egg whites60g oats w/cinnamon
Meal 2:7oz Turkey Patties4oz yams2oz asparagus
Meal 3:40g whey4oz yams(bcaa/glutamine)
Meal 4:7 egg whites3oz asparagus7 almonds
Meal 5:250g cottage cheesecelery sticks
Meal 6:40g casein protein1 egg white1tbsp almond butter

When dieting down for a competition what type of cardio do you use? High intensity, Low intensity, or interval cardio? 

A combination of High Intensity and some Low Intensity cardio within a few weeks from a competition. The majority of my fat loss comes from minimizing rest periods throughout my workout routine.

What supplements do you use?

– Omega 3 Fish Oil
– Glutamine
– Branched Chain Amino Acids
– Whey Protein
– Creatine , occasionally 

What competitors do you look up to and why?

I have a lot of respect and admiration for competitors who compete and carry themselves in a helpful fashion. My good friend Rob Riches is a perfect example of that! 

Can you list the major competitions you have competed in since your started competing and your placing’s?

– Fame 2008: Top 10
– WBFF 2008
– WBFF 2011 U.S. Central Championships: 2nd Place (earned Pro status)
– WBFF 2011 World Championships: Top 10 in the world

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