10 Best Indoor Exercises During COVID 19

COVID 19 has been keeping us home for quite some time now. However, staying at home doesn’t mean we’re completely restricted. We can stay active even with the limited space we have in our house. Whether you’re living in a family house, apartment studio, or even a single bedroom, you can maintain your exercise routine with some adjustments. Let us help you with this list of 10 best indoor exercises you can do at home during the COVID 19 pandemic!

What are the indoor exercises to try during covid 19?


Even before COVID 19, yoga has been one of the most practiced indoor exercises. Many types of yoga suit many levels of expertise. Even if you haven’t done any yoga before, you can start with the basics. There are tons of yoga videos you can find for free on YouTube. Browse for the ones you like, and follow the program. All you need is a space wide enough to lie down and stretch your arms side to side.

Pro tip: Before you start the exercise, watch the video first so you know what to expect from the whole session. This will help you adjust to each pose and focus more on your movement instead of keeping glancing at the screen.


Stretching is a part of yoga. But this is more suitable for those who just want something simple, relaxing, require no commitment yet keep your body in motion. Among all of the best indoor exercises we have on this list, stretching is the easiest and requires the least space. You can do it from the comfort of your bed. Stretch when you wake up in the morning and before you sleep at night. It may not seem significant, but the benefits from stretching have been medically proven. Ask any professional athletes, they will vouch for stretching as an important part of their routines.

Push-up and Sit-up

We have been doing these since the 4th grade, so why stop now? Believe it or not, push-up and sit-up reps can work a lot of your muscle groups. These don’t just keep your body in motion, but also burning the fried chicken you had delivered from the restaurant downtown. Who knows, you’ll come out of the lockdown period looking sharp and shredded!

Core Reps

Raise your hands if you have complained about not having enough time to work on that abs! Now is the time. All you need is a flat surface wide enough for you to lie down. Even if you don’t have any space on the floor, just do these reps on your bed. Try some leg crunches, horizontal bicycle, and some variation of planks as a start. Besides toning your core, these are great to keep the blood pumping. Healthy heart, happy chap!

Cardio Reps

There are plenty of cardio reps you can do at home. Of course, it would be best if you have a treadmill. But if you don’t, you can still do some jumping jacks, squats, and burpees. If you have more space to move around, say a 3×3-meters space in your living room, there’s no excuse not to do these reps. These are better than jogging outdoor because they are more adjustable and will tone more muscles, without compromising the cardio work.


Let’s get to the fun part. The best indoor exercises for some may not be the best for you. If you find those reps boring, you’d probably stick to it for a day or two until you stop bothering. Perhaps something vibrant is more suitable for you, something like aerobic exercises. With a little help from the music and the cheerful instructor, you will feel more motivated. Besides, 30 minutes of aerobic feels less torturing than 30 minutes of push-ups, don’t you agree? Like yoga, there are tons of aerobic videos available online. Save some you like, and mix things up with different videos every day!


For those who think Aerobic is not mainstream anymore, go for Zumba. With similar ideas of body movement combined with fun and energetic music, Zumba is a great exercise whether by yourself or with everyone in the house. However, you need more space than just a 3×3-meter living room area. You don’t want to knock things around while practicing your salsa moves!


Pilates is not just one of the best indoor exercises, but also the most practiced physical and mental therapy. Through breathing and regaining control of your body, you will feel more than refreshed after 30 minutes of Pilates. If some of the core reps are too difficult for you, you might want to start with Pilates.

Pro tip: As this is a more guided practice compared to stretching and even yoga, we recommend you to sign up with Pilates class online rather than downloading random videos.


Missing your trainer or don’t have any punching bags (husbands not included)? Try shadowboxing! This way, you won’t suffer from ring-rust the moment you step back into the gym. Remember the routines you would do at the gym. Picture a punching bag in front of you while you move around. Shadowboxing is not something we make up due to COVID 19. Since many years ago, professional boxers have been incorporating shadow boxing into their warmup routines. Shall we do the Ali dance?

Pro tip: Practicing your movement in front of a full-body mirror helps a lot!

Martial Arts Conditioning Drills

Just like boxing, most forms of martial arts can be adjusted to space you have available at home. Remember those warmup routines your coach used to start every class. BJJ fighters can shrimp around the house or practice some body conditioning. Practice your Kata movements in front of the mirror so you’ll be ready once your Karate Dojo is open. And even if you’re not into martial arts, try out some of their conditioning drills. Athletes’ routine is no doubt one of, if not the best indoor exercises!


Anything you can do in a 10×10-meters gym studio can be done in your house. If you can share a 10×10-meters space with five other people, you can manage to work out by yourself in a 2×2-meters living room area. Try at least one of these best indoor exercises to keep your body in motion. The healthier you are, the better you will fight the COVID 19!

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