In case you were about to down a cupcake, read this first.

Sugar is literally the worst if you’re trying to lose weight. It’s like a creepy little killer of goals that hides in your favorite foods and sneaks up on your waistline. If you’ve been crushing it at the gym, eating healthy meals, and still not seeing the results you’d expect, it’s time to take a hard look at your diet and uncover where the sugar is hiding out.

I always thought I was working hard, eating low fat foods, drinking diet drinks, and even some days, when I was REALLY good, I even ate fat free frozen meals. OMG looking back I so wish I knew what I know now.

The reason those foods even taste remotely good is because they replace the fat with SUGAR! It’s in sauces, dressings, muffins, crackers, chips, and tons of other places you’d never expect and was the number one reason I wasn’t able to loose excess fat. I never even though about it.

 I’ve got 6 sreasons sugar is the absolute worst? beyond just killing all your weight loss goals, but I wrote this 7 Day Sugar Detox Guide to help every girl out there start to cut that sh*t out.

6 Reasons Sugar is the Absolute Worst!

Can Cause Weight Gain

Sugar is converted to glucose and used for energy. Excess glucose is stored as glycogen, but the liver and muscles can only store so much of It. If you eat more sugar than your liver and muscles can store as glycogen, the excess will be converted into fat and deposited into the tissue.

Can Cause Acne

Sugary foods will spike blood sugar and insulin levels. When that happens your body wil experience increased oil production, inflammation, and adrenal secretion which all can increase acne in your skin.

Can Increase Your Cancer Risk

Sugar can increase your risk of obesity increases inflammation in the body, and cause insulin resistance, all things that can lead to an increase in cancer risk.

Can Increase Aging Process

A diet that is high in refined carbohydrates and sugar leads to the production of compounds called AEG’s that have a major negative impact on may on your metabolic health  and have been tied to speeding up the aging process and can  increase in wrinkles.

Can Cause Mood Swings

Our bodies need some sugar and the ones you’ll find in fresh fruits are great because you’ll get the added bonus of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and more. But, refined sugars and processed foods like sweetened desserts and processed snack foods have been linked to depression.

Can Decrease Energy

Consuming an excess of sugar can lead to a big energy spike (or high), but it’s followed by a massive energy crash!

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